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Rhinoplasty Surgical ResultsOpen Rhinoplasty ResultsOpen Rhinoplasty Results

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex, and most rewarding, procedures performed by Facial Plastic Surgeons.  The nasal anatomy is three-dimensional with delicate convexities and concavities that form a sophisticated shape.  The nose sits front and center on each of our faces, and thus to manipulate these soft angles and spatial relationships requires specialized surgical training and expertise. Why is rhinoplasty so commonly performed by Facial Plastic Surgeons?  In essence, there are two main reasons: 1) to change the appearance of the nose, 2) to be able to breath better through the nose.

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Face & Neck Rejuvenation

As we get older, the face and neck age with us in predictable ways. The youthful fullness around the cheekbones and within the cheeks deflates. The bony attachments that tether this fullness and keep it afloat begin to stretch, and the soft tissues descend with gravity as jowls and bags and deepened creases. The skin thins to show fine wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. To the observer, these changes illustrate the effects of aging, as well as the wisdom, that come with the years. Many patients that visit Dr. Markey’s clinic feel that their faces and necks look older than they feel. This common concern is the main reason why face and neck lifting and facial volumization are some of the most common procedures performed by modern facial plastic surgeons.

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Brow & Eyelid Rejuvenation

Face & Neck Rejuvenation GalleryUpper BlepharoplastyUpper Blepharoplasty

The eye and brow region of the face are the windows through which we look out to observe the world, and the world looks at to observe us.  They hold our gaze during conversation.  They also convey our inner thoughts, whether we want them to or not. Many patients visit Dr. Markey and the Ascentist Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery clinic with concern that their brow and eyes more and more tend to convey a tired appearance, regardless of how they slept or how young they feel.  This can be explained by both the changes we all experience as we age as well as our individual brow and eye appearance with which we’re born.

Dr. Markey has the specialized training and experience to improve these findings in the eyebrow, the upper and the lower eyelids with both surgical and nonsurgical techniques.

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What Our Patients Are Saying...

What an amazing physician!!

Great bedside manner. Personable, professional, kind, caring and above all else an exceptional surgeon. Dr. Markey listened to my concerns and was able to exceed my expectations. I was able to ask all my questions and received answers in a way that I understood. I have nothing but the highest praises for humility and humanity in making sure I was prepared before and after my procedure. Dr. Markey is the best of the best, I have already recommended him to numerous colleagues and peers.

Thank you, Dr. Markey and Irene for being so terrific.

I was referred to Dr. Markey through my internist. My appointment was right on time. Dr. Markey is very personable and makes you feel at ease. He listens to your concerns and, in fact, found that I had cartridge growing in my left nostril that was inhibiting me from breathing correctly. We set up a date for same day surgery. His office team then helped me with scheduling. I messaged Dr. Markey with concerns and he responds right away. I am very glad I found him and would suggest his services to anyone needing a really terrific otolaryngologist. Thank you, Dr. Markey and Irene for being so terrific.

Dr. Markey is great!

He’s very passionate about his patients and the  work he does. This man is such a sweetheart and really wants you to look your best trust me he is an excellent cosmetic surgeon. Dr Markey takes his time & has really given me a fresh start and a boost of confidence.

Overall, my experience was outstanding.

Dr. Markey was attentive, professional, personable, kind and caring. He truly made me feel safe. I never felt rushed or embarrassed when addressing my care. I felt fully prepared to care for myself at home due to the large amount of time we spent before my procedure. Not only were my expectations met, but they were exceeded.

My overall result exceeded my highest expectations! Thank you!

Dr. Markey is an excellent choice If you want someone who is focused on quality, safety, and patient experience. His ability to engage and include me in decision making allowed me to trust him.

I will definitely be seeing Dr. Markey again and referring my friends.

Dr. Markey is everything you could hope for in a facial plastics specialist. I went to him for both Juvederm and Botox and couldn’t be happier. His bedside manner and attention to detail is remarkable.

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