3 Natural Ways to Get Brow Lift Results

January 22, 2021
Permanent Brow Lift Results

As women and men age, some of the most visual signs of aging occur around the eyes. We use our eyes to communicate with those around us. Unfortunately, as people age the gravity that occurs around the eyes may miscommunicate your energy and emotions. Because of this tired or aggravated expression, many women and men look to find ways to achieve the results of a brow lift. 

Why Do Eyebrows Sag?

As we get older, the muscles around the eyes tend to weaken. This is a natural part of the aging process that we go through. Gravity pulls on the skin that was once firm, making it much looser and thinning it. Many times, people try to overcompensate for their sagging eyebrows naturally with other facial muscles, without a brow lift. The overuse of these muscles around the sagging brows can actually contribute to additional fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. This process of weakened muscles and drooping brows occurs in both men and women, and can lead to other issues that a brow lift can fix such as improving the quality of sight. 

Natural Ways to get Brow Lift Results

For those who want visual results that can help the appearance of the eyebrows but not physically lift them, there are some options. These options will not be as effective as a brow lift, but could provide you some temporary relief.

  1. Makeup: Not everyone wears makeup or is comfortable doing new things with it. For those who are, makeup can do a good job of helping the eyebrow appear to be higher. There are many videos online that can help with some of the techniques that will give you a natural brow lift. Many use concealers to frame the brows and eyebrow pens to give the brows some more shape. 
  2. Facial exercises: Although some exercises may contribute to more wrinkles and fine lines, using and strengthening facial muscles can help give the look a brow lift will. These exercises should not be a permanent solution, but they will give temporary lift to your brows. 
  3. Serums: There are some serums that will provide users with a tightening effect for the skin around the eyes. These serums can be useful but as the aging process continues, the effects will likely diminish and you will be searching for another serum. Users should be mindful of the ingredients that serums may contain and be realistic about their long term results. 

When Natural Remedies Don’t Work:

Many women have tried serums, makeup, and using other muscles to compensate for the sagging. The results vary, and none of them are truly permanent. For men and women that are ready for permanent results it is time to explore other brow lift options. Each person has unique facial structure and individual goals that are central to all decision making. Ascentist Aesthetics and Facial Plastics is a patient-centered practice that will listen to your needs and achieve your goals. 

Dr. Markey is trained in various other surgical and non-surgical brow lift techniques and will partner with you to find the right procedure that delivers the best results for you. He will explain all of your options to you and go over any questions you may have on how a brow lift is done, brow lift cost, recovery from brow lift, and anything else you may need answered.

Aesenist Facial Plastics Brow Procedures:

Aesentist Facial Plastics offers several different kinds of options for patients who would like to see an improvement on the sagging skin around their eyes. The procedures and services include:

  • Endoscopic brow lift procedure
  • Face filler
  • Laser skin rejuvenation
  • BroadBand light treatment 
  • Other surgical alternatives

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