4 Benefits of BBL Broadband Light Technology

January 3, 2021
Broadband Light Technology

What is BBL?

BBL or Broadband Light Technology is an advanced Photo Rejuvenation skin treatment. It will use broadband light energy to restore and treat some varying skin conditions. BBL is the complete solution that harnesses the focused energy of light to treat many different skin conditions. The treatment is very short and the Broadband Light Technology can cover a larger area than laser therapy would. Unlike lasers, BBL uses a variety of wavelengths that can treat multiple skin conditions. 

What are the Benefits of BBL?

With as little as three treatments a year, you could see a number of different benefits fairly quickly. BBL can “turn back the clock” on a number of skin conditions that you may have and specific areas can be targeted that need to be replenished. 

  1. A Comprehensive treatment: BBL can treat a large number of skin conditions. The most common conditions treated are fine lines, aging skin, red spots, age spots, birthmarks, damaged face blood vessels, acne, and more.
  2. Comfortable: BBL has been known to treat skin conditions more comfortably than traditional laser therapy. With CoolComfort Technology, BBL keeps your temperature in control. 
  3. Safety: The risks of this skin treatment are very low. The procedure is quick and can be performed in less than 30 minutes. Since it uses a variety of wavelengths it can treat multiple types of skin conditions. This treatment is known to be gentle and not invasive. 
  4. Convenient: Not only is BBL known to be safer than laser therapy, it's also extremely convenient for patients. There is nearly no downtime and almost everyone can go back to work and back to their daily routine immediately.  Patients need as little as three treatments per year to see smoother, brighter, and a more even skin tone. 

The Results of BroadBand Light

Patients who want longer results from this advanced treatment should do at least three BBL treatments a year. Although results should be visible with just one or two treatments, they will only last for a few months. Patients who do have multiple procedures are generally happy with their younger looking appearance and quick results.

BroadBand Light: The New Standard

For those who want to see BBL results that combat age spots, acne, unwanted hair, loss of firmness, damaged blood vessels, or rosacea - the sooner the better. It can be customized to fit your individual skin needs. BBL light treatment is the preferred method of leading facial plastic surgeons around the world. It is celebrated by patients and top physicians. 

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