Facial Feminization Surgery

Transformative Results That Show Who You Really Are
Facial Feminization from the side profile and front profile

Facial Feminization Surgery: Look on the outside the way you feel on the inside.‍

It’s time to see yourself for who you really are. Discover how FFS surgery can bring out the real you.

What is Feminization Surgery?

Feminization surgery is a combination of surgical procedures that make subtle adjustments to various facial features to appear more like those recognized as typically female. This is one of the most individualized surgical processes because what looks feminine is very subjective and can vary based on culture, race, and background. It is also fully customized to each individual patient, because it is important that their face reflects their self-image, values, and unique personality.

FFS Surgery is an increasingly popular solution for people of any and all gender types. Facial feminization results in new opportunities for patients to show the world who they really are inside.

Facial Feminization Surgery Explained

Feminization surgery is not a single procedure or a one-size-fits-all process. Dr. Markey and the team at Ascentist Aesthetics and Facial Plastics work with you to develop a fully customized treatment plan to reveal your perfect face. You can choose any combination of procedures that will best help you achieve your goals.

Advances in technology, as well as surgical and non-surgical techniques, allow top surgeons like Dr. Markey to achieve revolutionary outcomes. Precision restructuring, delicate adjustments, stunning reanimation, and youthful rejuvenation are all part of our facial feminization process.

Each area of the face communicates something unique about who you are and our novel techniques will bring out your best. Let’s explore the various facial areas and the procedures that are commonly requested.

Upper Third of the Face

Dr. Markey often starts his procedures with an advanced surgical technique known as a trichophytic incision. This allows him to move the hairline forward to a more typical feminine position and ensures that hair will grow on both sides to fully conceal the incision.

The eye brows and the facial bones behind them allow for adjustments to feminize the look of the upper face. Common solutions involve a reduction or flattening of the brow ridge as well as a raising of the eyebrow to a position above the brow ridge. Gender-typical males tend to have eyebrows that sit directly on the brow ridge and a ridge bone that is more prominent. Advancement of the hair line, adjustments to the brow ridge, and the brow lift are often done together. Attention is often given to the upper eyelid to remove extra tissue, creating a clean, crisp, and feminine upper eyelid crease.

Very small adjustments in this area of the face can have a dramatic impact on overall facial feminization.

Middle Third of the Face

The middle of the face is often the first to be seen and contains some of its most defining features. The centerpiece of this area is the nose which often draws a lot of attention. Very subtle features such as the shape, size, and angle, can define a facial look. Since it sits in the middle of the face it also plays an important role in facial symmetry and the overall harmony of other facial features.

Advanced facial feminization doctors like Dr. Markey understand the critical importance that the nose plays in achieving the look that you desire. We take the time to examine and evaluate your nose in fine detail. We analyze each and every angle and ratio to ensure that your nose will bring together every facial feature into one beautiful look.

The masculine nose tends to have sharp angles and prominent features. By gently shaping and softening the nasal bone and tissue, you can have a nose that looks more like you. The most popular requests usually involve:

  • Thinning the nose from top to bottom
  • Softening the angles and transitions
  • Elevating the tip of the nose from a downward to a slightly upward position
  • Narrowing the overall width

It is important to know that femine nose structure is varied across cultures and our team will develop a plan to achieve the nose that communicates who you are in a unique way.

Other areas that are frequently addressed in the middle of the face include:

Lower Eyelids

Addressing this area allows for clear and beautiful eyes that will fully communicate who you are. Extra skin in the lower eyelids result in bags, fullness, or other features often giving a tired appearance. These can be removed with a hidden incision that will result in radiant eyes that show vibrant beauty.

Cheek Bones

Gender-typical females tend to have fuller cheeks that help to define the border of the face. The cheeks are important to overall symmetry and facial proportion. To achieve the look that you desire, facial filler or fat can be placed above the cheekbones. This elevated cheekbone will match your overall facial structure and result in a more feminized appearance.

Lower Third of the Face

The region of the face that contains the lips, chin, and jaw are essential to creating your unique facial expression.


This is often the first area that is considered when developing the overall look of the lower face. The most typical requests are for a more pouty full appearance. Dr. Markey uses advanced techniques to shorten the upper lip with a hidden incision. Additional lip volume can be achieved with the addition of fat from a filler or from the abdomen. The structure and shape of the lips can also be adjusted by changing the bony contours through advanced surgical incisions.


The chin is the defining bone structure in the lower facial region. The front of the chin is often reduced in length to create a more feminine profile and the overall width is reduced to create a smaller looking facial structure. Replacing a long square chin with a narrow rounded feature will make a dramatic difference.


Contouring the jawline will create the facial outline that beautifully frames all of the other features. Wider, longer, and more angular jaws can be rounded, narrowed, and shortened to achieve greater facial feminization.


Even though the neck is not part of the face, this transition from the face to the torso  is important for overall body feminization. A neck lift can provide a more youthful and vibrant appearance and contribute to a more typically feminine look.

Facial Feminization: Show Off the Real You

The very best facial feminization surgery is the one that gives you the individual look that you’ve always wanted. You can choose from any combination of procedures that help you achieve your goals at your pace and with your budget. Dr. Markey and our professional team will help you evaluate your current look and develop an individualized treatment plan that works for you.

We succeed when you look the way you feel. With Facial Feminization Surgery, you can finally look in the mirror and see your true reflection. Contact Ascentist Aesthetics and Facial Plastics and let the world see who you really are.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

What an amazing physician!!

Great bedside manner. Personable, professional, kind, caring and above all else an exceptional surgeon. Dr. Markey listened to my concerns and was able to exceed my expectations. I was able to ask all my questions and received answers in a way that I understood. I have nothing but the highest praises for humility and humanity in making sure I was prepared before and after my procedure. Dr. Markey is the best of the best, I have already recommended him to numerous colleagues and peers.

Thank you, Dr. Markey and Irene for being so terrific.

I was referred to Dr. Markey through my internist. My appointment was right on time. Dr. Markey is very personable and makes you feel at ease. He listens to your concerns and, in fact, found that I had cartridge growing in my left nostril that was inhibiting me from breathing correctly. We set up a date for same day surgery. His office team then helped me with scheduling. I messaged Dr. Markey with concerns and he responds right away. I am very glad I found him and would suggest his services to anyone needing a really terrific otolaryngologist. Thank you, Dr. Markey and Irene for being so terrific.

Dr. Markey is great!

He’s very passionate about his patients and the  work he does. This man is such a sweetheart and really wants you to look your best trust me he is an excellent cosmetic surgeon. Dr Markey takes his time & has really given me a fresh start and a boost of confidence.

Overall, my experience was outstanding.

Dr. Markey was attentive, professional, personable, kind and caring. He truly made me feel safe. I never felt rushed or embarrassed when addressing my care. I felt fully prepared to care for myself at home due to the large amount of time we spent before my procedure. Not only were my expectations met, but they were exceeded.

My overall result exceeded my highest expectations! Thank you!

Dr. Markey is an excellent choice If you want someone who is focused on quality, safety, and patient experience. His ability to engage and include me in decision making allowed me to trust him.

I will definitely be seeing Dr. Markey again and referring my friends.

Dr. Markey is everything you could hope for in a facial plastics specialist. I went to him for both Juvederm and Botox and couldn’t be happier. His bedside manner and attention to detail is remarkable.

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