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Scar revision using a laser for removal

Scars on the face and neck may occur after a surgery, after a trip to the emergency room, or even after suffering facial acne as a young adult.

No matter how they got there, many patients that visit Dr. Markey and the Ascentist Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Clinic find them to be a blemish that many would rather do without.

Face and neck scars have a variety of shapes, sizes, and locations and therefore their treatment must be highly sophisticated and flexible.

Patients often visit Dr. Markey’s clinic with thickened and raised neck scars following surgeries such as a thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy or tracheotomy.  Others have suffered a fall, an accident or other injury and have depressed lines on their chins, cheeks, or noses.  These scars are especially conspicuous in indirect lighting as they cast a shadow on the face. Many patients suffer with traumatic scars on the face that remain red and elevated from the surrounding skin for months and months after the injury.  Still other patients suffer with acne scars that appear as multiple pockmarks and discoloration.

Every patient and every scar requires individual treatment.

Dr. Markey and his staff are able to treat the scars with a variety of methods – from cutting-edge technology to tried and true surgical techniques.

The first, and often most important, technique to treat scars on the face and neck is prevention.  The Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery clinic provides detailed instructions for avoiding the appearance of scars after surgery or after an accident.  These include providing petrolatum-based ointments, detailed cleaning instructions, vitamin and mineral supplementation (if necessary), tension-sharing wound dressings, and silicone gel sheeting. These dressings, medications, and cleaning techniques have all been proven by prior randomized clinical trials to accelerate healing time, reduce wound redness, and reduce wound thickness.

Dr. Markey uses multiple other techniques to reduce the scar’s size, thickness, discoloration, and make the former wound much less noticeable. Dr. Markey is able to address the top of the skin down to the deepest layers.

By using a CO2 laser or performing careful dermabrasion, Dr. Markey can gently and precisely remove the top layer of skin over the scar and surrounding skin. This is helpful because often the collagen within the scar is disorganized which can result in a thick and undesirable appearance. Collagen is a cross-linked protein found within the skin that is essential for the skin’s integrity and healthy appearance.  When the collagen is not linked together properly, deficient in certain areas or too abundant in other areas the skin will have a uneven contour.  By removing the topmost layer of skin Dr. Markey can help to even out the skin surface and regenerate and organize the collagen below.  This can also help to reduce the redness of the scar.

Removing other scars require injectables to smooth out their surface, reduce the color mismatch with the surrounding skin, or camoflouge depressed scars.

Injectable corticosteroids are potent treatments to decrease the inflammation within the scar tissue and render it more inconspicuous.  This is helpful especially for raised or red scars that appear inflamed and/or thickened.

Fillers, including hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm Ultra®, Restylane®, Belotero®, among others, or longer-lasting poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra®), or calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse®), are all helpful for scars that sink below the surface of the skin.  While a wound is healing, cells called myofibroblasts pull the areas on the periphery of the wound towards the center to decrease its size.  This is a normal part of the healing process.  However, some wounds undergo excessive contraction when healing, or the underlying collagen below the skin surface is deficient, and the patient is left with a depression in the skin that many find debilitating.  Dr. Markey is able to break the attachments below the skin layer with a minimally invasive needle technique and then restore the deeper layers of skin with filler.  This helps to elevate the skin from below and unearth one’s normal contours.

Finally many patients visit the Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery clinic with scars that are larger, deeper, placed in difficult locations or even persistent after prior revisions.

With these types of scars, Dr. Markey will carefully and precisely remove the scar surgically and close the wound with aesthetic techniques. Dr. Markey is able to reorient the direction of the scar so that its better hidden in natural skin creases.  He can also suture the wound closed in precise geometric configurations to better mask the wound. When the scar is excised and closed with ideal technique, the clock is reset and the wound will require care over the ensuing weeks to ensure proper healing. Dr. Markey will provide instructions for how to monitor and treat the incision following procedure.

Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Markey or the Facial Plastic & Reconstructive clinic any time with questions regarding scar revision.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

What an amazing physician!!

Great bedside manner. Personable, professional, kind, caring and above all else an exceptional surgeon. Dr. Markey listened to my concerns and was able to exceed my expectations. I was able to ask all my questions and received answers in a way that I understood. I have nothing but the highest praises for humility and humanity in making sure I was prepared before and after my procedure. Dr. Markey is the best of the best, I have already recommended him to numerous colleagues and peers.

Thank you, Dr. Markey and Irene for being so terrific.

I was referred to Dr. Markey through my internist. My appointment was right on time. Dr. Markey is very personable and makes you feel at ease. He listens to your concerns and, in fact, found that I had cartridge growing in my left nostril that was inhibiting me from breathing correctly. We set up a date for same day surgery. His office team then helped me with scheduling. I messaged Dr. Markey with concerns and he responds right away. I am very glad I found him and would suggest his services to anyone needing a really terrific otolaryngologist. Thank you, Dr. Markey and Irene for being so terrific.

Dr. Markey is great!

He’s very passionate about his patients and the  work he does. This man is such a sweetheart and really wants you to look your best trust me he is an excellent cosmetic surgeon. Dr Markey takes his time & has really given me a fresh start and a boost of confidence.

Overall, my experience was outstanding.

Dr. Markey was attentive, professional, personable, kind and caring. He truly made me feel safe. I never felt rushed or embarrassed when addressing my care. I felt fully prepared to care for myself at home due to the large amount of time we spent before my procedure. Not only were my expectations met, but they were exceeded.

My overall result exceeded my highest expectations! Thank you!

Dr. Markey is an excellent choice If you want someone who is focused on quality, safety, and patient experience. His ability to engage and include me in decision making allowed me to trust him.

I will definitely be seeing Dr. Markey again and referring my friends.

Dr. Markey is everything you could hope for in a facial plastics specialist. I went to him for both Juvederm and Botox and couldn’t be happier. His bedside manner and attention to detail is remarkable.

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